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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ah, Tristi. great minds do think alike. I was going to say a little more about the food, but you did that so nicely! And it was definitely dee-lish.

What's occupying most of my mind right now is if it would be too groupie-like to go ask for a picture with some of the authors. Yeah. Probably. I am a grown woman, after all. But I just love Twilight (squeal). That's okay. I'll just voice what everyone else is feeling but is too mature to own up to. You know putting well-known and loved authors in front of a horde of writers and aspiring authors is just asking for a trampling. Maybe not quite the magnitude of trying to outrun a forest fire or tsunami, but we just spent two straight fourteen hour days getting pumped up about our craft. We are going on little sleep and lots of writing-directed adrenalin. I promise though, Mrs. Myers, I will throw myself in front of the pack for you. Just sign this book please.

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Nichole Giles said...

Jamie, next year we can sit together with our stack of Stephenie Meyers books under the table and tackle her together.

With two books being released this year I'm certain she'll be nominated again.