Welcome to the Live Blogging of the 2007 Whitney Awards!

Welcome to the Whitney Awards! If you are not familiar with how blogs work, the 'beginning' is at the bottom of the screen. So, scroll down to the bottom, start reading, and enjoy!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Michelle Holmes is coming up to the podium. I think she's crying. She is wearing a gorgeous red dress.

Yep. She's definitely misty. She is also surprised, admitting that she didn't write a speech because she wasn't even expecting to win. Michelle is expressing her gratitude for her critique group, her husband, and all the others who have helped her write her book.

Michelle is a soft-spoken, sweet lady that it has been my privilege to meet and get to know her a little better. And she writes a pretty darn good book, too. Congratulations, Michelle!

WAHOOOO! Whistle! Scream! Stomp up and down!

(I didn't really scream and stomp up and down. Although if I could do that cool whistle thing, I just might have done it.)

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