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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Best Mystery/Suspense

Presented by Jessica Day George and Brandon Sanderson


The Deep End - Traci Hunter Abramson
Grave Secrets - Marlene Austin
Hazardous Duty - Betsy Brannon Green
The operative - Willard Boyd Gardner
Sheep's Clothing - Josi Kilpack

And the winner is...

Josi Kilpack!


Sariah S. Wilson said...

Who won?

Julie K said...

Here I am, sitting miles and miles away, wanting to know who the dang winner is, and IT IS NOT POSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!

Julie K said...

No offense to Jami, as I'm sure Sheeps Clothing is great, but I really, really, really wanted Betsy to win! Betsy, you'll always be a winner in my eyes! lol! By the Way, I didn't read Sheeps Clothing cuz even the description of the book gave me the heebie geebies.

Karlene said...

It was so hard for me to pick a favorite in this category because I liked them all. I went with Betsy's in the end, just because it was a little more action packed, but Josi was such a close second in my mind.

Glad you won Josi. Woo-hoo!