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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tristi's Take - the First

What an amazing night for the Whitney Award ceremony. After the successful conclusion of the LDStorymakers Writers Conference, we cleared the ballroom and came back to find it transformed into an elegant dinner setting. Centerpieces, linen, atmosphere -- it's all beautiful. From where I'm sitting, I can smell the flowers in the center of the table. The florist in me is begging a description -- spider mums, waxflower, and red carnations -- just one of the many touches.

The atmosphere is electric. We've never had anything like this in the LDS market before, and everyone is curious -- what will happen? Who will win? What surprises are in store from our Master of Ceremonies, Robison Wells, and our presenters?

All the chatter has been positive. Everyone is thrilled with the idea, with the possibility that they might win one of these beautiful awards.

We began with an introduction by Robison Wells, who explained to us how the voting took place. He took a moment to introduce the live bloggers -- that was so nice -- and gave us carte blanche to comment on everyone's clothing. I must say, we're all looking lovely. Or handsome, depending on gender.

We're starting dinner now, with a lovely salad (not your ordinary iceberg -- we're talking, actual rabbit-approved salad with dark lettuce and raspberry viniagrette. If you'll excuse me, just for a moment . . .

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Liz Adair said...

Hi, Tristi,
Just thought I'd let you know I'm hanging on every word. Considering the law of gravity and my considerable bulk, I hope you're verbose.