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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Get ready...

Hello everyone! The wireless internet powers-that-be were finally feeling generous enough to allow me to log on, so we are good to go. The room is filling up with the cream of the crop in LDS publishing all looking so bee-you-ti-ful. I have seen some incredible dresses, jewelry, and even James Dashner in a suit. Honestly, I walked past him and had to do a double take. I certainly hope the photographer records this for posterity.

I am so thrilled to be here that you could say I am "faint with excitement". But maybe that's just hunger talking. And the salad with, can you believe it, toffee chunks looks way too tempting. I'm going to take a slight break to refuel the brain cells. So look forward to further posts full of description, fun, and, for the ladies, clothes descriptions. Just to whet your appetite: there is a preponderance of black here. With that cliff-hanger...

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